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Location, Location, Location

Gardening experts tell us that the most important thing we can do to help a plant thrive is to place it in the best location. If the plant requires a lot of sunlight and is planted in the shade, it will never be as beautiful and healthy as it could have been in the sun. Or worse, it could wither and die.

Many of us have positioned ourselves spiritually in spots that do not allow us to fully grow in Christ. Are we surrounding ourselves with those who are indifferent or apathetic toward God? Are we escaping into electronic devices that sap our time and energy? Do we constantly find ourselves in situations where it is difficult to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit? Perhaps we need to change our location.

Christ often moved to other locations in order to be alone with His father. He retreated from the crowds and even from his friends at times to allow God to speak to Him. By following His example, we are positioning ourselves so that He can guide us, convict and correct us, nurture us and infuse us with His Spirit. Let’s get moving!

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