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Is it worth it?

Why do we need each other? Would it not be easier without all the complexity that relationships bring?

The truth is relationships are hard, messy, and complicated. We have arguments, disagreements, and conflicts that arise. It feels like it would just be easier to seperate and not work through those together. Our feelings get hurt. We get frustrated with each other. All kinds of emotions and feelings pulling us apart. The church in our country has been known for division. Things do not go the way we want, and we leave. Some conflict arises and we divide. And we step back from it and ask... is it worth it?

It feels worth it when we have the same views, when we do not disagree, and when we feel seen by others. When we are not seen or heard it does not always feel worth it. We have an enemy who works really hard to drive us apart. He uses our disagreements and emotions to drive a wedge between us. Striving for the moment we say we can not do this anymore together. Diligently seeking every opportunity to allow the smallest of things to become canyons. And the big conflicts to feel impossible to ever mend. Is unity worth it?

If you are battling that question then take a moment and read John 17. Think about what Christ is about to go through. Read His prayer for our unity with Him, the Father, the Holy Spirt, and each other.

Is Unity worth it? Is it worth the energy through the struggles of a relationship? Is it worth it through the times we felt wronged by someone we love? Is it worth it when it feels like you are the only one who cares or is trying? Is it worth it when the pain you are feeling is cutting really deep, and you feel like there is no way to repair the cut in the relationship? Is it worth it when you thought things would play out a certain way and someone ruined it?

Christ shows us what it was worth to Him. He was willing to give His life for our unity with the Father. He was willing to sacrifice everything in His life for the unity of the Church. He was willing to endure all the pain and heartache, so that ours would be temporary. His final prayer was for our unity.

Every single one of us faces a day where challenges overwhelm. Where we can not do it alone. We need God. We need Jesus. We need the Holy Spirit. And we need each other. God knows just what we need in our struggles. His timing is best. His method is perfect. And many times he delivers that through each other. If we let conflicts drive us away from each other, we may miss the beauty in how God uses that very person to help through a challenging season. We need unity. But even more than that we should desire it. Desire it the way Christ desired it for us. Because in our unity we will see God. We will see His goodness. We will see His love. And to see Him and experience that makes it all worth it!

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