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I feel the most important thing God has shown me during this season is a different take on sacrifice. Anyone having a family knows what we think it is like to sacrifice. We all would sacrifice for our children, spouses, and our moms and dads. I have really felt in a different way just how much he and Jesus sacrificed. This has been a time to reflect on the greatest Christian act of all time, the death of Jesus, for us but more especially to appreciate what his resurrection means for my life.

Through our time of Lent as a church and praying through the weeks, I am being moved more toward my prayer life. I felt like this was something God was wanting from me. I have seen from him that our whole life is prayer and worship (if we want it to be) we can always talk to God and in everything we do we are invited to do as worship for God. God is present with us. We may not always feel this, and we may not always have (or want) an experience but God is present. Jesus says “I am with you always” and we are invited to be rooted and established in his love.

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