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LENT 3.1

The Sneaky Enemy of Individualism

Individualism is defined as the habit of being independent or self-reliant. Our culture celebrates individualism. If you asked most people they would say individualism is a positive attribute. Many in our country are so proud of their individualism. They rely on their own strength and intellect rather than working with others. We are not immune. Have you ever used the phrase “it’s easier if I do it myself.” There may be several excuses we use insisting we do things alone.

If we are not careful, we can become disillusioned into thinking that the things we accomplish are because of us. We can become self-reliant and not see our dependence on God. When Jesus says, “Follow Me,” He’s asking us to trust His wisdom, His strength, and his direction instead of being self-reliant. Jesus is inviting us to give up our self-reliance and come into a relationship with Him.

The Good News of Jesus starts by examining ourselves and finding that we fall short of what God has asked of us. The more we look into ourselves, the more we realize how flawed we are. Even our best efforts fall short. We can not make it on our own. We need forgiveness. We need a Savior. We need to rely on God’s love, forgiveness, and power. Apart from Him, we are weak. Apart from Him we are dead.

We are not saved by our performances and goodness, but through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In following Jesus, we must continually deny ourselves. And we must do this together.

God gives each of us spiritual gifts. How beautiful it is that he does not give us all the same gift. We all have different gifts. But yet we are all part of the same body. We must work together. Love together. Grow Together. Serve Together. God is glorified when we don’t live self-reliant, individualistic lives, but instead live life dependent on Christ, working together.

Daily Reading: The Sneaky Enemy of Individualism

1 Corinthians 12

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