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LENT 3.2

Power of Christian Influence

We, as a church, support our brothers and sisters in hardship and rejoice in blessings. We hold one another accountable and encourage each other in faith so that we may always, despite any hardship, keep our eyes fixated on Jesus. These things display the love that we find for others that comes from a genuine love of

Christ Jesus, and it is this genuine love that fosters things like empathy.

I feel empathy is one of the most important things we can give one another as a church body. However, I believe we must not stop at making an attempt to understand where one is coming from, but strive to have a genuine desire to seek the Spirit to guide us to feel overwhelming joy at seeing others joyful, and feeling

broken hearted when others are mourning. It is by making this a practice that we may genuinely feel compassion and remind one another that our value is set by Jesus, a value that no one my detract from.

Jesus has a use for advancing His kingdom for everyone that calls upon His name. Yet, in a world and culture so focused on self-image and self-servitude it can be easy to lose sight of that. But how wonderful is it that we serve a God who is not concerned with a worldly image! He is concerned about what He has made each of us capable of. If you sing, you may sing for the glory of God. If you write, you may share with everyone how you have seen God moving. If you are a skilled cook, you may prepare delicious food for those who may barely eat at all. If you are a skilled speaker, you may testify to the good news of Christ Jesus boldly to all who will hear. If you are a good listener, you may seek the Spirit to guide you to someone who hasn’t ever felt heard. No matter the relative scope of our talents, God will use us if we will submit to His will, and He will always remind us that we are valued because we are His children. There is not one person in the church that does not have a vital role amongst the congregation, and we remind ourselves that by having empathy for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

For the one who sings needs others to hear. The one who writes needs others to read. The one who cooks needs others to eat. The one who speaks needs others to hear. The one who listens needs others to speak. God gave us talents so that we may advance His kingdom, and we do so by serving others, lifting each other up, and sharing the gospel. For no matter what our respective talents are, we possess them for the sole purpose glorifying God together.

Daily Reading: Power of Christian Community

Romans 12:4–5

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