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Psalm 139:1

You have searched me, Lord. And you know me.    -- Psalms 139:1 (NIV)

By these words, David reveals his desire to be scrutinized by God in order to reveal anything in him that might stand in the way of the intimate relationship he sought with God.  Throughout the Psalms we see this passion for God, especially in his awe and gratitude that the almighty creator of the universe actually wants to know him, a lowly shepherd, flawed by sin.  This realization creates in David a continual desire for a clean heart before his God. 

Our basic human tendency is to hide who we really are deep inside for fear that our weaknesses will be exposed to others who may not have our best interests in mind.  

We eventually form strong human relationships based on our trust that the other person has come to know us over time and fully accepts and loves us despite our flaws. 

Our God knows everything about us; our thoughts, our desires, our actions. He created every cell in each of our bodies and nothing is hidden from Him.  Yet our Father wants to know us!  He wants us to open ourselves before Him in all of our brokenness.  Is it no wonder that David was so full of praise for God?

David’s desire for God to search him shows his willingness to be exposed in the darkest recesses of his heart.  He was able to do this because of his trust in God’s goodness and mercy.  In scripture we see God honoring David’s devotion by protecting him from his enemies and appointing him King of Israel.

Are we asking God to search us?  We must be willing to give Him our entire selves and trust in the fact that he provides grace and mercy through His son, Jesus.  And Jesus will never fail.  Never.

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