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Psalm 139:3

"You see me when I travel and when I rest at home.  You know everything I do." --Psalm 139:3


Have you ever thought to yourself; "What would I do if no one was watching?".  I think that is a natural tendency, especially for mischievous teenagers.  As I've grown older, my thoughts have shifted to a different statement; "I am so glad that someone is watching me.".  This speaks to God's omnipresence.  I am comforted in knowing that God knows everything I do and is with me always.


I travel frequently for work and this verse is very fitting for me.  He is with me when I travel, when I encounter individuals in airports, UBER drivers, hotel staff, new work colleagues, etc.  He is constantly there to guide my thoughts, to keep me safe, and to provide opportunities to share him with others.  He is there during the busy times at home attending my kids sports and school activities, when I am in the grocery store, when I am trying to rush through traffic only for God to slow me down. 


As I strive to be in God's presence, it is important that I also include God in my time of rest at home, to be still and listen to his calling for my life.  I encourage you to take solace in the fact that our savior is with us always, not to catch us making mistakes, but to pick us up when we fall short and to guide our way.  Continue to give him the glory in every aspect of your life.

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