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Thankfulness in New Life

I have never truly wrestled with the concept of my own blamelessness in God’s eyes until my son was born. I came to faith in Christ and received salvation in His name, then had a season of struggling to understand if my faith was genuine, but never had the opportunity to struggle with the concept of blamelessness. It is written that by grace through faith in the name of Christ Jesus we are saved and therefore found to be blameless in the eyes of the Lord on the day of judgement. I found this easy to accept for a time, but when my son looks at me with his blissfully ignorant and content eyes, it shakes me. “God sees me as clean as this baby boy” I often think with non-understanding.

How? How could l, after all that I have done in my life, be seen this way? How is it that I am able to attain this child-like purity in the eyes of the One Who spoke the universe into existence? 

I then realized truly how profound it is that the grace given by God is unfathomable. I cannot understand it, and that’s okay. I just need to believe, to have faith in Christ and that His promise is true. I need only rejoice that the unobtainable is obtainable in the death and resurrection of our Savior. Just as the Lord has created new life with my baby boy, so too has he created me anew the same in the blood of Christ; blameless and clean. 

I am eternally thankful that God would call me His own and graft me into a family of fellow believers that have been made new. It is a truly wonderful thing God would allow us to participate in leading others to experience this renewal and rejoicing together when souls are added to His kingdom. May we all remember where we were and where He has lead us to this day, and may that drive us to go forth and make disciples in the love of the Lord.

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