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John 6:22-59

"I tell you the truth, you want to be with me because I fed you, not because you understood the miraculous signs. But don't be so concerned about perishable things like food. Spend your energy seeking the eternal life that the Son of Man can give you."

Many of the disciples had just witnessed Jesus miraculously feed 5,000 men the day before. It would have been quite an experience. They were probably in awe of what happened. And they continued to follow him. But Jesus knew their heart. He knew what they were really after... the blessings.

It is easy to fall in love with the blessings that come from God. If we are not careful, we can become like these disciples and really just concerned with living a good comfortable life on earth. We can spend so much energy trying to build a life of comfort and peace. And what Christ says in this passage is HE IS LIFE!

He is the Bread of Life. He is the one who fills us. He is enough. He is not just a part of our life... Christ is our life.

It can be so easy to say Christ is our life, but it is another thing to live like it. See this beautiful passage was also a very difficult one. After Christ shares all of this with these disciples, many of them deserted him. They loved what Jesus brought to their lives, but they were not willing to make him their life. That cost was too much for them. But it can't be for us. He is worth it. Christ is worth whatever we must sacrifice. He is worthy of it all.

Don't fall in love with the blessings. Fall in love with the one who blesses. Fall in love with Christ. Christ is our life.

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